I'm Brandon McPeak,

Idea Man of Action

What I do

I'm a front-end web developer with a passion for marketing, User Experience/User Interface design, and the latest HTML and CSS coding techniques. My sites are responsive (mobile-ready) and can include virtually any Content Management System or e-Commerce platform you would like to deploy your design with.

Who I work with

I mostly work with small to medium -sized businesses and organizations looking to improve their web presence by adopting the latest techniques. I use open-source content management systems and e-commerce platforms, along with responsive web site and mobile app development frameworks, reducing the time and cost of developing a modern, functional site.

How I work with customers

I am dedicated above all to customer and end-user satisfaction. I work tirelessly to identify your goals and vision and tranlate them into a final product that is tailored to the functional realities of your business. Rather than leaving you to sink or swim with your new investment, I will document the processes of managing your site and train you on its usage.

Responsive, mobile-friendly web design

I use the latest responsive design techniques and frameworks to create web sites that transition smoothly between any viewport size, from the smallest smart phones to large, widescreen monitors. These techniques can be used to modify existing designs to adapt to smaller screen sizes.

These skills combined with my knowledge of layout and user experience design allow me to deliver my clients web sites that not only work well on the web, but are specifically matched to known expectations for the look and feel of the site.

User Experience and User Interface design

These are the first steps of any web design project. You need a clear view of where you're headed. And clients need to know that their designer shares their vision for the final product.

Techniques like competitor analysis, storyboarding, site mapping, and experience mapping inform the structure and flow of the site. Using style tiles containing color schemes, fonts, and UI elements like buttons, we nail down key visual themes. Finally, a mockup or prototype is designed using programs like Photoshop, Fireworks, or Omnigraffle.

Content Management and E-Commerce Systems for managing your own site

Today's web sites are dynamic and necessarily driven by site owners, whose intimate knowledge of the business is required to create a genuine and ongoing web presence. Content management systems are a crucial key to allowing non-web-pros to take control of their business's online identity.

Whether you want to run a blog or small site with Wordpress or Concrete5, a mid-level site with Joomla or Drupal or an e-Commerce system with Magento, we can get you running on a proven platform with proven tools for achieving virtually any goal for a business or organization on the internet.

Multi-platform mobile app design

If you need to extend the functionality of your site to a mobile context by allowing users to access some functionality by an app, you can save time and money by using existing mobile site assets.

Additionally, we can use frameworks like jQuery mobile to rapidly build apps with features like geolocation that work across all platforms, including all major releases of Android and Apple iOS.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a critical part of the success of any site, and provides the second highest ROI of any digital marketing tactic after email marketing. Don't pay for search advertising when you can organically build a strong search profile that will continue to expose you to the right new customers and users.

I will do all the competitor research and keyword analysis, build a dashboard to benchmark your starting point and the results of various tactical updates, from on-page keyword factors, to dynamic content creation, to social efforts and back-link campaigns.

Complete email marketing and design

Successful email marketing requires not only a set of attractive and functional HTML email templates, but a strong content strategy with a mind toward providing valuable information and promotions to subscribers.

In addition, it is critical to provide landing pages with calls to action to subscribe and prominently placed subscription boxes that clearly state the benefits of signing up. From designing templates, to coaching you on strategy, to setting you up on a cutting-edge email marketing service like MailChimp, I can get you from the start to the finish of a successful email marketing campaign.